Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31 baby update

Jocelyn continues to thrive. She hit the 4-pound mark last night and got herself out of the baby incubator and into an open crib. I just called this morning to check in with the nurse, and Jossie has maintained her temperature all night (in fact, it's been perfectly at 98.6 - I think Jossie's trying to prove a point here) and taken her feedings well. They are giving her as much as she wants, and she's increased her own feedings from 32 ml to 45-50 ml.

I was worried she might have another brady (a heartbeat drop) because that can happen when you take the baby out and give her more work to do but she hasn't had one yet. In fact, tonight, at 11 p.m. or so, she'll have gone FOUR DAYS without a brady. She will just need to go 24 more hours (Tuesday at 11 p.m.) to be in the clear. The nurses have actually started talking about her being able to go home by the weekend! 

My mama instinct is also telling me Jossie will be home soon. Our house is turned upside-down from our recently completed renovations, and I'm putting it back together. But I am getting sucked into simply ridiculous projects such as replacing the water filter in our coffee maker, organizing our kitchen junk drawer and organizing our battery supply.

Jack's practicing his big brother moves too - he keeps asking when our baby will be home. Oh, if he only knows what he's in for!

Last night, after we heard the news that Jossie is now 4 pounds, I put my head to hers and cradled her small body in my hands. I thought about how many times we'll do this over a lifetime - to summon courage, to think through a problem, to celebrate a joyful moment. My strong girl; my daughter.

Many thanks to Auntie Laura for Jossie's new hat. She loves it despite the look on her face!