Sunday, January 16, 2011

January 16 baby update

I'm starting to really tire of knowing stats and keeping numbers in my head. My NST (nonstress tests) are still nonreactive but my BPP (biophysical profile) test was an 8 out of 8 today, which trumps the NST.  At my ultrasound today, we learned that baby girl is breech again - the same technician did the ultrasound yesterday where we found she was not breech, so I don't think this is human error.  Despite me drinking a ton of water yesterday (100 oz or more - my skin looks fabulous by the way), my amniotic fluid level went down to 4.44 from 6.94 (again, something that can be affected by human error as the technician tallies up the total) and while my drinking a ton of water can help, it's not the only factor, of course.

I try not to think about this too much but I just pray that whatever is happening, it's not because the baby is unhealthy. I pray and pray that she is fine - I take great hope seeing her "breathing" on the ultrasound that her lungs are developing well and she will be a champ breathing on her own, if she comes early; her vital organs all look good according to the doctors; and she likes to open and close her mouth (already practicing talking, I'm sure).  

The on-call doctor from my practice and I spoke today. She is going to reduce my NSTs from 3 times a day to 2 times a day, which is good. It's stressful on me to continue to see "nonreactive" results, and if there's a new doctor on duty at the hospital, they have to be educated that this is unfortunately my normal. If they don't get this, then I've been sent to labor and delivery for more intensive monitoring.

On my own, I'll continue to monitor her kicks and movement. The on-call doctor approached the idea of me coming in for outpatient monitoring in the coming days (allowing me to go home!) but could make no promises. I'll be able to talk with my doctor tomorrow to learn more. Luckily, our dear friend Amy is keeping Jack today and tomorrow, so Jeremy can be here with me full-time. I'm so glad to have him here.

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