Monday, January 3, 2011

Go-to meals start today

So my sister-in-law graduates from law school this spring, and her boyfriend graduates from business school. Not that they will have a ton of free time on their hands as busy professionals, but they are looking for more weeknight dinners in their lives. They've inspired me to start a new Monday post - for the next 52 weeks, I'll post a good go-to meal for a weeknight; whatever keeps you busy, you surely need more go-to meals in your life.  I'm still formulating my guidelines, but here's what I've got so far:

  • Takes no more than 45 minutes to complete (may require some prep work on Sunday, like marinating).
  • It doesn't "hide" ingredients - I really don't like the idea of being deceptive with kids - hiding vegetables in baked goods, etc. I say this as a mother of a good eater....if #2 is a picky eater, I may change my tune!
  • Is relatively healthy and definitely contains some vegetables.
  • A good option for kids and adults alike.
I'm mailing in my first Monday meal because besides my resolution to eat good food, my other resolution is to celebrate daily joys. And tonight, I'm celebrating my friends' kindness - our nannyshare friends (and friends way beyond the nannyshare) are bringing over dinner, which is greatly appreciated by this 7-month pregnant mama whose husband is out of town.  

So without further adieu, check out this family favorite: crispy beef with broccoli. This can be made with chicken and firm tofu as well. If you'd like to submit your favorite weeknight dinner, please email me - I'd love to feature you.

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