Friday, January 14, 2011

January 14 baby update

Well, here's the news - the good, the bad, and the cute:

Good: I just had my BPP (biophysical profile) test and my amniotic fluid levels actually went up! Yesterday they were 4.4, and today they are at 6.88! Also, Jeremy has spent the whole day with me, which has really lifted my spirits.

Bad: The last two heartbeat rate tests I've had have ended in me going back to the labor and delivery unit for prolonged monitoring. Both times my results were okay but not great. I am hoping that the increased amniotic fluid levels will bring better results in the coming days.

On the flipside (no pun intended), we also learned this afternoon that baby girl somehow moved herself around and is now breech. At the moment, I'm numb to that news, considering what else we've been through. And here I thought Jack was high-maintenance.

I think our plan of action for the coming days is to just keep going with the monitoring and hope for positive results - please pray and send good thoughts that my amniotic fluid levels continue to go up and that baby girl flips back around.

And the cute: When we were in the labor and delivery unit this morning, we heard a baby crying out its first cries. What a wonderful sound that was. We also learned - and I'm sure no one would be surprised - that our baby girl has a full head of hair - so much so that we could see it on the ultrasound. Looking forward to kissing that sweet head soon.

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