Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter's not so bad

I have to admit - I kind of like the winter months. I'm not the biggest fan of cloudy days, and Chicago has its fair share these these days, but those seriously chilly but sunny days like today are fine by me. We've been spending a lot of time sitting around on the "Mommy's bed" - Jack reading stories or playing games on the iPad and Jeremy and I watching TV or leafing through magazines. This afternoon, we just finished an epic trip to Costco, and our kitchen is filled with economy-sized boxes. Our Christmas decorations are still up because we like the twinkling lights at night.

Everything will probably be put away tomorrow - Monday, our tiny abode will be turned upside-down as we start a renovation project to close off the walls in our loft condo. But for now, it's a cozy sweater for me, matching Jets sweatshirts for my guys, slippers and lots of down time. Happy Saturday!

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