Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 29 baby update

Our big news yesterday was that Jossie's feeding tube was removed and she continues to gain weight like a champ. At her 9 p.m. weigh-in last night, she was at 3 lb 13 oz. Now we're focusing on her bradycardia. It's a common preemie problem and with her mild case, we just have to wait it out. One nurse explained to me that between 34 and 36 weeks, the part of the brain that controls this function develops fully. On Monday, Joss will be 35 weeks.

She needs to go five consecutive days without incident. Apparently, she's already gone 24 hours - go, baby, go. Please continue to send good thoughts and prayers.

My middle sister Dayna is here with her family. She is literally and figuratively supporting me. I'm unraveling a bit around the edges, and I'm glad she's here to hold my hand. It's always been difficult but it's really hard these days to leave Joss at night - she's much more awake and aware and acting like a baby, and I can't leave until she's asleep.

When I think about all Jossie has already conquered - we got rid of the IV and the feeding tube this week. She mastered eating from a bottle within a few days and nursing within a few minutes. The first week of her life, she had a few digestive problems and overcame those too. I just need to keep faith that her little body will figure out the constant heartbeat deal.

We headed out to dinner last night after our hospital visit. Jack's enjoying his time with dear cousin Johannah. Johannah is currently tucked into my right arm as I type this post one-handed. She is giving me sweet smiles as Jack dances around to the music from his TV show.

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